Where to learn natural building

cc3cobhouse1This first post is a tribute to three sites which inspired us to work directly with nature in creating our home. First and foremost is Cob Cottage,the home of Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley. Our ten day workshop at this magical place near the Oregon coast did much more than teach us the basics of building with cob. By camping in old growth forest, bathing in a mountain stream and eating from Ianto’s amazing garden we were immersed in the abundance of nature. More than anything our experience at Cob Cottage reminded us to not let our home become a barrier to the natural world.

lisashouse7After our cob course, we journeyed south down the coast to the intentional community called Emerald Earth. This is the home of some fantastic natural builders and a great place to go and learn. We were blown away by the quality of their work.

caneloFinally, there is the Canelo Project near Tucson, Arizona. Lin did a workshop there appropriately named Artistry in Clay and Lime. Bill and Athena Steen have raised natural building to an artform. Their creations are an inspiration for builders and artists alike.

I’m sure there are many other great teachers out there. Please add ones you know through the comments.


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