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Amazing Fairfield

Fairfield is amazing because of the people who live here. If there were a creativity per capita index, our town in rural Iowa would be close to the top. Best of all, creatives lure more creatives and, while the town seems to be stuck at around 10,000 population, there is never a shortage of new […]

Tiny House Resources

Did you know that the tiny house movement began in Iowa City? Jay Schafer was teaching art at the University of Iowa when he built his first little house on wheels, parked it in the backyard of a house he owned and rented out the house. The artistic touch that he gave to the original […]

Where to learn natural building

This first post is a tribute to three sites which inspired us to work directly with nature in creating our home. First and foremost is Cob Cottage,the home of Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley. Our ten day workshop at this magical place near the Oregon coast did much more than teach us the basics of […]